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Kirsten Sorton is a designer/art director
with over 15 years of experience.

Her career began in Chicago after she graduated from Northwestern with a BFA in Journalism. She spent a few years working for various Chicago area marketing firms with clients such as Kraft, Stolichnaya, Jose Cuervo and Coca-Cola. She then moved to New York to attend the prestigious MFA Design program at the School of Visual Arts. After graduation, she accumulated a full roster of clients including DKNY, Victoria's Secret, and BP and became the Associate Art Director of the Visual Arts Press. After a year at the Visual Arts Press, she decided to jump to being a full-time web designer at Funny Garbage. While at Funny Garbage, she worked on projects with MTV, Viacom, HiT Entertainment and National Geographic doing everything from site design to animations. After Funny Garbage, Kirsten worked with Chico's before moving on to Sports Illustrated Kids. At Sports Illustrated Kids, she designed for the monthly magazine and tablet edition, art directed illustrators and freelancers, worked on numerous books and did UX design for the SIKIDS website when called on. She also was key player in the redesign and UX design for the Time For Kids website.

During her career, she has won a few awards including Type Directors Club, Print Design Annual, UDCA and has been featured in Step, Print and Visual Arts Journal. She also enjoys rainbows, the jingle jangle of keys on a winter's morn and any number of small-footed mammals.

Kirsten dressed up as her idol Hello Kitty for Halloween
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